Rating, Rewards, Recognisation, Rank

Among one of the object is to catch opportunity to promote our cities, its heritage, art and culture to get business in shape of Investment, in shape of Tourism through that economy of city and life of its citizen can enhance, and for that we have to develop our infrastructure at world level as well as we have to change our behaviour towards guest, we have to be more friendly host and upgrade our management and hospitality skill to promote tourism of city and to sustain existing business and should be more open and professional.

City infrastructure development can be a long term plan and require a hefty amount of money and resources, but we can upgrade our basic amenities of Hotels, Tourism destination and attractions, and through small behaviour and management changes we can make a big change to develop our tourism and business and become best host and friends.

OCC will initiate a Nationwide Certification Program for Rating, Recognisation, Ranking and Rewards of Tourism Industry sector individuals (Hotels, Tourist Attraction, Service, Restaurants, Health Facilities or any service related to part of Hospitality) to gain respect from International or National guest of cities, he may be a Tourist, Artist, Sportsman, Businessman, Trader, Diplomat, Investor or individual.