About Overseas City Council

Humans by nature tend to socialize for support and comfort forming cordial relationships with each other, this nature traces back to our primate ancestors, who formed groups and lived into communities to solve their daily problems with much more efficacy. Animal relationships are known to be selfless and compassionate without even a trace of corruption arising from greed, this imperviousness to the contamination emanating from materialism and narcissism of animals is what makes their relationship admirably pure. With passage of time and modernisation of our society, various factors have been introduced in our lives, which play a crucial role in converting the entire planet earth into a global village by closely connecting the inhabitants of this planet. Unfortunately, the fast pace of life coupled with selfish longing for wealth has taken its toll on human relations; we have lost our way to each other’s heart.

We are more engrossed in the virtual than the real word. We have become indifferent to the potential that lies dormant in our working together for one goal, this potential if channelized in the right direction is capable of revolutionizing our lives.

Together we are capable of eliminating the social evils and environmental issues like Climate Change and global Warming, that drastically affects our global society and costs not only people their lives but poses a threat to entire humanity. Ideally evils like poverty, pollution, terrorism, crime and unemployment, shouldn’t even exist in our modern times where humans colonizing other planets is no more just a dream. We all have to play a role to rescue our planet earth before the damage goes beyond the point of no return.

Countries spend millions of dollars to deal with public diplomacy, to improve relations and people’s perception about them, sister city or friendship relation between two similar organisations e.g.: Cities/universities/schools/economic chambers etc are major tool of public diplomacy for countries.

We have seen that more than 100 sister city agreements and various MOU signed by Indian cities and Institutes, but all become just a rubbish paper work only...why? As mentioned above these activities are major tool for public diplomacy! And where are the people in those agreement or MOU’s?

According to a study and survey in US itself more than 500 cities signed sister city agreements with their counterpart worldwide and most of their relation running successfully even after 50 years! Because their citizens are involved in their day to day activity from day one! How?

First of all we have to examine why our efforts are not fulfilling their objects? Mainly all agreement is signed by Local city government, and local government bodies have such limits. It may be financial or Visionary thinking or Political biased or non availability of dedicated staff or manpower...

To maintain this kind of relation and regular intervention and effective communication is required a specific skilled manpower and long term vision as well as full time dedicated involvement and follow up. It is very hard for any city to develop and depute a full time dedicated and professional division for public diplomacy and International Relationship/foreign affair. As a solution to this problem all leading countries like US, China and most of the European Countries have a dedicated public/citizen organisation that run such activity and operates and promote all mandate propagating programmes of the Government as well as in interest of public of all section of society.