Any city is just a NO-Living Thing without its citizen, and citizen is soul of a city and due to her citizen a city become a living thing. If a citizen does not like its city or is not proud to be a citizen of that city... still that city is NON-living thing with just a structure of roads, bridges and buildings.

Today due to hectic, competitive and busy life nobody can think about betterment of their city, nobody is bothered about respect of city, development of city, everybody thinks that this is none of their business, government have to do it!

If a citizen is not bothered about its city how can we assume that a foreign national can love, admire and support our city?

Before going abroad to get in contact with other city to become friends or sisters we have to promote our city in heart of our citizen, they should love it, admire it, and feel proud to be its citizen, OCC and its board wish to awake and ignite people through a nationwide campaign...

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