In India Overseas City Council (a registered non profit organisation) has taken an initiative to fill this gap and developing a platform through individuals (Students, Professional), corporate, civil societies, Cities (Through Mayors) and the municipalities to explore and create opportunities to work either bilaterally or multilaterally in the area of mutual interest. To be specific some major objective of the council are:

1. To enhance the peace by promoting and serving sister relationship between locals, city and State Government in India and similar governmental units in foreign countries with the object of developing closure understanding and cooperation between citizen of India and other nations.. 

2. To cooperate with the National/State/provincial government and local bodies and other organisations throughout the world for the promotion of International understanding through sister /friendship relationship programmes.. 

3. To encourage the people of other Nations to learn through sister relationship programmes, about the tradition, history, way of life, and objective of India, and to assist the people of the country to learn in similar manner, about other nations, utilizing the exchange of information and activities between sister cities, countries, provinces and states in all aspects of contemporary life and common interest among peoples. .